By Iffat Ikram

Every person around the world seeks to live in a society where there is equality, justice, peace, where they enjoy equal rights and where they find dignity of labor. These might seem like a bare minimum desire for some of us, while for the rest, these wishes…

By Ella Olson

Oklahoma public school teachers would be prohibited from teaching certain concepts of race and racism under a bill given final approval by the state House on Thursday. (AP)

The term “critical race theory” has begun to circle the media much more than it has in previous years, despite being around for over 40 years. Why is this? To put it simply, this popularity is caused by the same things that almost every slightly political term…

By Analiese Maciel

Deployment of U.S. Army Paratroopers assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division. (Getty Images)

Joining the military may seem like a gain worthy task when examining the list of benefits that personnel are guaranteed during and after their years of service, such as tuition assistance, dental care, and even paid housing. However, when closely examining the jobs that citizens willingly sign…

By Iffat Ikram

A refugee special train at Ambala Station during the Partition of India. (Photograph: Photo Division/Government of India)

British Rule in the greater part of the Indian Subcontinent saw a rapid rise in the 19th century. Defeating the redoubtable Indian ruler, Tipu Sultan, the British established Colonization, or “British Raj” as the locals called it, in India. Like many countries, colonialism was traumatizing for India…

By Iffat Ikram

Shreya Chandra/Youth Upholding Democracy

For decades, the press has been the archetype of the voice of democracy, for any country. Freedom of the press has been one of the most sought after rights in any freedom struggle. The voice of the people depends on the press and its integrity.

In a…

Youth Upholding Democracy

A group of students working to increase civic participation among our fellow young people.

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