Opinion | The Attack on Critical Race Theory

Oklahoma public school teachers would be prohibited from teaching certain concepts of race and racism under a bill given final approval by the state House on Thursday. (AP)

What is Critical Race Theory?

Before mentioning what is being criticized about critical race theory, or CRT for short, it’s necessary to understand exactly what it means. Most anger towards this term stems from a place of misunderstanding. Many blindly oppose CRT without taking a moment to read the definition and its history. CRT first emerged in the early 1970s, and its essential principle is that “race is a social construct, and that racism is not merely the product of individual bias or prejudice, but also something embedded in legal systems and policies.” In simpler terms, it means that race affects every aspect of America, especially within the government. This is much larger than different skin tones and cultures. Instead, this means that race is man made; it exists and will continue to exist in a negative environment for as long as it is present in legal institutions.

Who Opposes It and Why

The biggest opposition that people, or rather, conservatives, have to CRT is that they feel it isn’t appropriate to be taught in schools. This is for a variety of reasons, but all of them are incorrect and make it clear that opposers don’t understand what CRT really means.

While the situation surrounding CRT seems full of political radicalization, CRT only serves to amplify the voices of minorities and educate all. (choice360.org)

Current Legislation

As all of this opposition to CRT picks up steam, it’s no surprise that legislation began passing throughout the country banning it. Or at least, banning what conservatives think CRT is. So far, eight states have passed legislation concerning the race-based discussions of America within classrooms. These bills mostly work to ban any discussion of opinion or current events within schools, and dictate how the racist history of America can be taught. Mostly, they aim to avoid controversy, but instead avoid actual intelligent conversations.

Why critical race theory is so important to the history of America

It’s clear that CRT is facing an unfair fight. It faces many false accusations, and those who oppose it aren’t willing to listen to any valid criticism of their opinions. But why is CRT so important to the history of America, and why does it deserve to be taught in schools?



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