By Frank Granda and Shreya Chandra

Graphic created by Shreya Chandra.

January 6, 2021 will be remembered as a day of tragedy for the United States, the world, and the notion of democracy. On that day, a throng of Trump supporters descended on the Capitol building in Washington D.C in an attempted coup to overturn the November election results and specifically to stop Congress from counting the electoral college votes, which guaranteed that Joe Biden would become the next president of the United States. Although their efforts have largely failed for now, that does not mean that the American people should let their guard down…

By Kaya Sena


It is spaghetti night in the Carucci household tonight. The family’s father has returned from a month-long job, and by the virtue of being his daughter’s best friend, I am lucky enough to be invited to the celebration. Mr. Carucci works in the dangerous and highly controversial field of fracking, where he helps to drill into the shale. Next, the shale is pounded for several weeks by a high pressure mixture of water, sand, and other chemicals in order to release the natural gas reserves trapped inside. The process is as environmentally damaging and potentially treacherous for…

By Molly Corbin

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

“We live in a time where we have purported leaders who claim to speak for us but do not know us, and in that ignorance, they make decisions that are designed not for our success but for our demise. So my deep suspicion is that some people are lying when they say they care about us,” said Stacey Abrams in February of 2020, at an event for Black women in Georgia addressing HIV, health, and social justice.

Unlike the opportunistic government leaders she described, Abrams is a woman of the people of Georgia. While she has most…

By Sophia Markley and Meiling Laurence

Getty Images

As Americans, we should all be worried about the state of our nation. Political polarization, or the growing separation of political attitudes into ideological extremes, is dividing Americans and obstructing legislative progress. In order to move forwards as a society, we need to come together to compromise on issues.

Rising Political Polarization in Congress

Republicans and Democrats are more divided along ideological lines today than at any point in the last two decades, though political polarization has not always been this stark. …

By: Catarina Castro — Editor-in-Chief of The Gen Z Times

Addressing issues ranging from performative activism for the genocide in the Xinjiang region of China, activists from all over the world are coming together — albeit virtually — to hopefully bring change to social issues. What is not often acknowledged, however, are the different forms of making change; change can be a new law being introduced, or even an older white person recognizing their privilege. Activists all over the world make different impacts based on what is within their reach. Young aspiring activists, to make a change in their environment…

Youth Upholding Democracy

A group of students working to increase civic participation among our fellow young people.

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